About Calvary

Our Story

What would it feel like to join a church where love is the center of everything they do? 

At Calvary Baptist Church, we are committed to loving people. Regardless of your background, your past, or your life situation, you are welcomed to participate in the journey toward the abundant life that Jesus offers to each of us! At Calvary, we hope to walk with everyone as they experience God, find the right family, and build people to live a purpose-driven life. 

Our community believes in loving everyone who walks through our doors. We are convinced that love is the greatest gift that God has given to us, and we strive to display it to others just as Jesus did. 

We believe that as we teach the Word of God and care for others, lives will be changed, and people will be filled with a renewed purpose. This life change is available for you and your family! Join us for a Calvary Worship Experience, and see what a love-filled church looks like.

Our Pastor

With a profound anointing, captivating authority, and relevant adaptability, Pastor Xavier L. Thompson, Sr. is a leader who was born “for such a time as this.”

As a ministry powerhouse, he serves as Senior Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Pacoima, Southern Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, and the Saint Paul Baptist Church in Pacoima. His powerful ministry gifts are on display every day as he serves God’s people and leads them to their full potential. 

As a community voice, Pastor Xavier has advocated on behalf of who Jesus calls “the least of these.” He believes that transformation may start in the church, but it flows into the community around us. His conviction has led him to serve on various commissions, advisory boards, and community engagement initiatives for the betterment of the city. 

As a scholar, Xavier has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California. His fierce display of passion is always present in his delivery of the Word. Every message he preaches is packed with revelation, wisdom, and fresh insights from God. 

As a survivor, Pastor Xavier stood face to face with the valley of the shadow of death. After receiving a Stage 3 Cancer diagnosis, he leaned upon the promises of God and overcame the dreaded disease through the miraculous power of Jesus. Today, he is a living testimony of the mighty potential of faith. 

As a family man, he is a proud husband to Rinnita, and father to their three children – Jor’Dynn Simone, Emani Noel, and Xavier II.

Pastor Xavier Thompson is truly a man for this hour, a Kingdom man ready to lead others into their full purpose in God. 


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